Yellow Daria 10-Head Silk Rose Bunch


Introducing our Yellow Daria 10-Head Silk Rose Bunch, a radiant addition to our artificial flower range. Each bunch is meticulously crafted from premium silk, capturing the natural allure and elegance of real roses. With 10 heads per bunch, each flower boasts a diameter of 6.5cm and a total length of approximately 43cm, creating a balanced and eye-catching display. Perfect for home, office or event styling, this silk rose bunch infuses a sunny, welcoming atmosphere into any space. Enjoy the enduring charm of these stunning blooms without the need for upkeep or care. Our Yellow Daria 10-Head Silk Rose Bunch is more than just a decorative piece, it’s a mood enhancer that adds a splash of joy and colour to your surroundings. Experience the lasting beauty of these exquisite artificial flowers all year round.

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10-Heads per bunch

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