Fuchsia Penny Real Touch Tulip


Introducing our Fuchsia Penny Real Touch Tulip, a radiant addition to our artificial flower collection. Each stem, approximately 35cm in length, is meticulously crafted from latex to replicate the natural charm of tulips. The flower head, with a diameter of about 3cm, showcases a stunning fuchsia hue, adding a burst of colour to any environment. With a real touch feel, this tulip offers a lifelike and hassle-free alternative to fresh flowers. Ideal for home, office, or event decor, our Fuchsia Penny Real Touch Tulip brings a dash of elegance and vibrancy to any setting. Experience the enduring allure of our artificial tulips, the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal for all your artificial flower requirements.

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Length – approx. 35cm Material – Latex Flower Head Diameter – approx. 3cm

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