Hot Pink Sienna Hydrangea Stem


Introducing our Hot Pink Sienna Hydrangea Stem, a radiant addition to our artificial flower range. Crafted from high-quality cloth, this faux hydrangea boasts a stunning hot pink hue and a realistic touch. With an approximate length of 60cm and a flower head of around 15cm, it’s designed to make a statement. Perfect for events, home decor, or brightening up your workspace, this artificial hydrangea offers versatility and style. The Hot Pink Sienna Hydrangea Stem captures the natural beauty of real hydrangeas, without the need for maintenance. Experience the allure and vibrancy of our Hot Pink Sienna Hydrangea Stem, a truly captivating addition to any setting.

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Material – Cloth
nLength – Approx. 60cm
nFlower Head – 15cm Approx.

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