Pink Chloe 4-Head Chrysanthemum Spray


Introducing our Pink Chloe 4-Head Chrysanthemum Spray, a delightful addition to any Aussie home or workspace. This artificial flower, meticulously crafted from premium cloth, mirrors the intricate beauty of a real chrysanthemum. With a total length of 60cm and a flower head diameter of 6cm, it’s the perfect size to add a pop of colour to any setting. The radiant pink hue and realistic details inject a sense of warmth and charm into any room. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of flowers but lack the time for upkeep, this cloth chrysanthemum stays vibrant all year round, no maintenance needed. Experience the captivating allure of our Pink Chloe 4-Head Chrysanthemum Spray today.

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Material – Cloth
Total Length – 60cm
Flower Head Diameter – 6cm

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