Champagne Sadie Silk Delphinium


Introducing the Champagne Sadie Silk Delphinium, a captivating addition to any setting. This artificial flower, designed in Australia, mirrors the natural elegance of a real delphinium. With a flower length of approximately 30cm and a total length of around 80cm, it’s the perfect size to create a striking display. The refined champagne colour adds a touch of class, making it a perfect choice for home decor, events, or commercial spaces. This faux delphinium requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to appreciate its lasting beauty throughout the year. The Champagne Sadie Silk Delphinium offers the charm of fresh flowers without the upkeep. Enhance your space with this stunning artificial delphinium today.

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Flower length – approx. 30cm n
nTotal Length – approx. 80cm

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