Caramel Evelyn Silk Peony


Introducing the Caramel Evelyn Silk Peony, a stunning addition to any space. This artificial flower, expertly designed to mirror the natural beauty of a peony, features a flower head of approximately 15cm and a stem length of around 50cm. The rich caramel colour adds a touch of class and refinement, making it an ideal choice for home styling, special occasions, or commercial interiors. Experience the everlasting allure of this low-maintenance artificial flower all year round, without the need for continuous care. The Caramel Evelyn Silk Peony merges the appeal of fresh peonies with the durability of artificial flowers. Enhance your decor with this exquisite peony today.

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Flower Head – Approx. 15cm n
Stem Length – Approx. 50cm

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